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What About Me? – By Valeria Parra

By March 10, 2015No Comments

In Luke 11:37-41, Jesus is invited to dine with one of the religious leaders of that time. In those days,  hand-washing before dining was a big deal.  In Mark 7:1-7, Scripture explains that hand-washing was a traditional ritual because Jews believed that anything going into their bodies had to be clean, so it wouldn’t contaminate the inside. So Jesus begins to eat without washing his hands. He, then, when questioned about his action begins to say ( I will paraphrase),”What is so good about making sure we purify what goes in, when what is coming out of you is filthy?”

Growing up a Christian, I think we get into this ‘rut’ (at least for me) where we believe we have it all together, we’re good, we know how to handle pain, we hide scars, insecurities, pride and selfishness. But, holy cow! What a lie! Eventually all of these suppressed feelings will sneak their way into your behavior, your potential, your relationship with others and God. So in my heart I began to seek the answers to why certain things hurt, why I reacted to certain things the way I did, and what is it that I’m not seeing right now?

I know that God has a purpose unique and personal for me, as He does for you. Exploring it is an adventurous journey where we will have to constantly seek those areas in our personal life that can be hindering if not dealt with. However (this is the good part) it is a process in which we DO NOT stand alone.

So here it is:

Your life on this earth, your state of being, your potential, your heart, and your journey toward this God-given purpose is so precious that God promises that what He began in you He will finish. So in the ups and downs of this journey, God stands with us.

When you can’t seem to understand why you feel the way you do, He’s there.
When you feel like you messed up ‘big time’, He’s there.
When you’re finally able to let go of that pain, He is there.

Philippians 1:6 says, ” And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

You are a GOOD WORK! And he will walk with you until he finished what he began! Isn’t that awesome?

-Valeria Parra