JD Müller

Lead Pastor

“I believe every individual has the potential to change the world; when a person is ignited and encouraged to pursue their purpose as they discover their God-given gifts and talents, they become an unstoppable force for the common good.  That’s our focus and desire as pastors, to equip and encourage people to know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and make a difference. 

That’s what happened to my family. As a young man, my grandfather was a substance abuser and lived to please his every impulse. Until he discovered his purpose through a local church. Because of that, my life was changed before I was even born. 

There is no other institution in the world that can change people’s lives and impact the next generation better than the local church.  You may be a great person, excelling at work and at home, or you may have faced difficulties and find yourself lost, broken, and in pain; whatever your situation, you can be better! Live better! And love better! 

That’s why we started ConnectCommunity and are giving our lives to see people connect to God, connect to others, and connect to purpose. and that’s what we want to see across Fairfield County. People like you finding healing, growth, and a place to belong, as we make a difference in this world.”

Alini Müller

Co-Lead Pastor

“When we felt called to plant ConnectCommunity in Stamford, it was challenging for me.  I had just given birth to our first daughter, we were connected to a loving community, and things were safe and steady.  Our lives had purpose, so why change it? 

After praying for some time, I had this vision in my heart, which I believed was inspired.  I saw a lifeboat rescuing people who were doing their best to keep their head above water. Good people, who were fighting through life alone and had no one in their corner; people who were met by life’s circumstances and weren’t asking for a handout, but needed a hand up.  A ‘hand up’ of encouragement, prayer, and a family that would come around them and say “we are with you!” 

That’s when I knew we had to move.  Because that is the mission of the local church!  To go to hard places, find those who are far from the shore, and bring them back to wholeness.  And that’s why we are here. To love one person at a time, and tell them that they can rise higher!  

We love Stamford, and we love Connecticut.”

Paola Valencia

Church Administrator

Paola has joined our team in October 2022.
Paola is efficient and dependable. She has spent most of her career in the non-profit sector, and continues to do so.
She is trained in Human Resources.
She and her husband have been part of ConnectCommunity for a long time and have served well.

Katherin Chaverra

Family Ministry Director

After many years serving in a Leadership role, Katherin join our staff in March 2023.
Her passion for Kids and Youth is evident. She brings a strong pastoral vocation and vision to our team.
She has been part of ConnectCommunity from the very beginning and has served the church with her husband for many years.

JD and Alini Müller

JD and Alini are the pastors of ConnectCommunity church. They were raised in loving homes by hardworking parents and ended up finding each other while serving the ministry together. They have been married for 20 years and are raising 4 amazing children. Before moving to Stamford, Connecticut, JD and Alini have proudly served under Pastor Joel Osteen as part of the staff at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, with which they still remain close.

“We are living examples of the transformation Jesus brings through an authentic life-giving church. We believe God uses the local church to help people know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference.” -JD & Alini.

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