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God Cares

By September 29, 2014No Comments

In one of the segments of our September 14th preview service, Alini shared a testimony about how God has shown Himself faithful through this high-risk pregnancy.  In the beginning of the pregnancy we were told of the risks and possible negative outcomes.  Being that this is one of the rarest forms of twin pregnancy, doctors warned us about potential miscarriage, stillbirth, developmental delays, missing organs, and a whole slew of issues that could arise.  One of the doctors even presented abortion as an option.  After hearing all this, Alini prayed a simple and sincere prayer asking God to step in.  We are now approaching the end of the pregnancy.  The twins are developing perfectly, every organ is present and functioning properly, and both babies are active and growing steadily.

We could not have foreseen a high-risk twin pregnancy amid planting a church in a new city. But when life happens, although outcomes might be different, we have one assurance: God cares.

Here is our encouragement:

Pray like God cares, and live like God cares.

-JD and Alini.