ConnectKIDS is the children’s department at ConnectCommunity:

We take great responsibility in making sure our kid’s environments are safe, wholesome, and fun! At ConnectKIDS, your children are encouraged with lessons based on Biblical principals of faith, love, and respect in a creative and fun way.

Every service we have a dynamic children’s program available for kids who are walkers, to 5th grade.

Each child is required to be checked-in by a parent or guardian. Each classroom is supervised by two female ConnectKIDS Team Members who have been trained and undergone a background check.

Classrooms are equipped with age appropriate toys, games, and children are guided in special activities.

Early Childhood | Walkers to Pre-K

In this tender and active age, kids are excited to be with friends and discover new things. Our kids programs involve age appropriate activities, music, and games.
We will teach kids about prayer, and encourage family values of honoring parents, and sharing.

We are excited about the next generation!

Elementary Class | K-5th Grade

This is a special age when kids engage in conversation and in play. We have an exciting program for kids in this age group each Sunday. It encourages connection with one another, gratitude, worship, and prayer. Kids have fun activities, games, they learn about God, and how to practice the Scriptures.

If you have questions or comments, please contact our Family Ministry Director, Katherin Chaverra at